E-commerce for your Instagram shop for 1 click

Do you sell products via Instagram? In just one click you can generate an online store with all your products in your account, shopping cart and sorting. A few more simple steps and you will add filters for products and services.
Shopping cart
All your goods and services can be add in cart and make a simple order
Customers can tag products and view them in favorites.
Sorting and filters
Sorting and filtering products will help your customers find everything they need
You can view detailed analytics in already familiar services

How it works

The whole point is in hashtags. Just add a special hashtags on your posts to create you own filters. Like this: #timy_color_blue. The service will parse all of your posts and generate filters by this hashtags.

You can use different combinations with a hashtag #timy_[key]_[value].

Also you can use prepared hashtags:

  • #timy_price_1000 – Price with a value
  • #timy_discount_50 – Discount with a percent